Offshore container for dry provision

In collaboration with Grumsen Development A/S, Seacabin A/S has renovated a container from a raw... Read More >>>

SEA CHALLENGER jack-up vessel for the wind industry

SEA CHALLENGER, jack-up vessel for the wind industry, Seacabin harbor service team has carried out... Read More >>>

Upgrading and dividing cabins on a platform in the North Sea

Background: Leakage on main pipe for water supply has caused a critical water damage on... Read More >>>

Sewage grey and black water system in the North Sea

Reference for ONE: Offshore Network Esbjerg. In cooperation, Ocean Team Scandinavia A/S & Seacabin A/S... Read More >>>

Service Platform

Service access platform at AHU unit

Service access platform for AHU UNIT

Modernization of lounge/café on a platform in the North Sea

In collaboration with a local architect firm, Seacabin A/S has designed a brand-new lounge and... Read More >>>

Reference - Nor Valiant

Nor Valiant Offshore supply vessel various jobs

Seacabin harbor service team have carried out a renovation project for SH Group with various... Read More >>>