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Contains few selected projects, conducted by Seacabin A/S.

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Supplier of turn-key solutions

For the marine & offshore industry, specialized within shaping and handling projects – raising the standards of living quarters and accommodation areas all over the world.

We have a 360° point of view

The main focus of Seacabin A/S is to make sure that our customer’s project is completed successfully. We are able to manage a project from initiation to final close-out – a true 360° solution.

360° solution is …

… the combination of our four services. No matter which of our four services You choose to initiate contact with, we offer our other three services as support products for the initial product – a full service solution.

But a 360° solution is also …

… customer service. We take care of our customers and make sure that everything they need is taken care of during a project we manage, deliver to and/or consult on – we make it 360° around the customer.

We have a 360°point of view