We consult and assist our customers on

Offshore and on Yard Stays


  • FEED, Conceptual design, technical requirements, studies to a detailed design packages
  • > Surveys offshore, inspection reports, test and commissioning
  • > Consultancy and assistance for our customer within accommodations
  • > QC inspection and supervision on Yard Stays as well as offshore
  • > 3-part-check of the accommodation projects
  • > Project management / project assistance, ea. hazard identifications and risk assessment
  • > CAD projecting, 3D visualisations and digitalisations
  • > Operation and maintenance plan, preventive maintenance strategy and as-built documentation
  • > Technical and commercial close out, as well as the documentation package and lessons learned.

We perform responsible consultancy

We advocate and consult the customer as early as possible in the process – preferably already in the conceptual phase. We prepare a number different solutions for a given task, analyse the pros and cons, economics, lifespan, etc. This ends with delivering a report that gives the customer a good starting point to make the right decisions for their project. When the project has been approved for execution, we can assist on all project management tasks for the costumer.

We offer to travel offshore and examine potential jobs or make condition assessments of structures. We always prepare a Survey report, which provides an overview of the materials’ and structures’ condition, priority of tasks, an assessment of the life span of various constructions as well as an economic assessment of future jobs.

Based on an inspection report, we provide – technical requirements to a fully detailed design packages, operating and maintenance plans that will give the customer a set of priorities for future jobs in a given time frame, a financial overview, a description of the job as well as a proposal for a final maintenance plan.

We have a 360°point of view - Engineering