We complete service jobs

We complete major and minor service jobs both onshore and offshore. The jobs typically involve both ordering and distribution of materials, as well as sending out specialists to execute the tasks and complete the jobs.

A service job is typically based on a survey report or a specific offer on a given task. At the end of a service job we send the customer a service report as documentation of the work performed.

An example

On a Yard Stay renovation, the floor in the galley was replaced but is not laid in the right angle. Subsequently, water does not reach the grates, but instead collects in puddles around the galley.

 A 5-man crew is sent offshore to replace the floor construction in a galley. The job is carefully planned with the customer and rig crew, and all materials are sent out in advance. The galley is shut down for an agreed upon amount of time for the job and the customer will receive a daily status report. The replacement ends with a final examination, which is documented with pictures.

A final service report is created, where daily status report, final review and guidance on the operation and maintenance are included. All in accordance with the wishes of and agreements with the customer.

A subsequent follow-up meeting with the client is typically set to evaluate the job.

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Service Jobs - Seacabin A/S

Service Jobs - Seacabin A/S

Service Jobs - Seacabin A/S