About Us

Allan Sejerup Kristiansen og Allan Hundrup fra Seacabin A/S

The history of
Seacabin A/S


With a combined experience of 25+ years within the offshore and marine industries, Allan Hundrup and Allan Sejerup have started Seacabin in collaboration with BIIR. We aim to consult on and manage smooth running projects, relieving our customers.

The combination of Allan Hundrup, the strategic project manager and consultant, and Allan Sejerup, the ‘one-site’ project manager, as well as the extensive expertise at BIIR within engineering and consultancy, we have created a strong set-up that gives us the best foundation for offering the best products for our customers.

Business Areas

Seacabin A/S helps owners and operators within the oil, marine and wind industry to maintain a high standard on their accommodation units. We provide project management, engineering and consultancy on renovation and construction of accommodation units, perform service jobs as well as aftersales on products
– as a 360° supplier.

The way we work

We provide professional sparring to our customers and ensure a good overview as well as an economic, sustainable solution for their accommodation units. The result provides our customers’ with higher living standards for their employees. We deliver quality work on–time within the agreed framework, and by what is required in a complex industry.

We have a 360°point of view


Meeting customer needs and wishes. Creating innovative solutions. Becoming the preferred supplier of consultancy and services within the offshore accommodation industry.


Through great project management, customer service and on-time delivery, improving living standards for offshore employees in the oil, marine and wind industry.

Seacabin A/S


Supplier of turn-key solutions for the marine & offshore industry, specialized within shaping and handling projects
– raising the standards of living quarters and accommodation areas all over the world.