We provide


  • > Planning of the project
  • > Complete management of comprehensive yard stay project from project initiation to final close-out
  • > Project management / site management during the project execution

Project management on Yard Stays

Projects that need a strategic project manager as well as on-site project management, are usually Yard Stays. A Yard Stay is typically a major project, where the rig or vessel arrives in dock and need major renovation – typically in conjunction with a classification.

Large parts of these kinds of project are usually specified before commencing and often require a lot of materials as well as employees with their skills, depending on the kind of jobs.


360° project management from project initiation to final close-out

The project could arise on the basis of a Survey on the rig and a subsequent Survey Report. These kinds of projects usually last for 1-3 months and require rotation of employees. The project is staffed by one or more “on-site” project managers, who has the overall responsibility for the implementation of the job. The project manager’s typical responsibilities are:

  • > Clarification of offers and jobs with the customer before commencing
  • > To ensure material ordering and shipping of materials
  • > Staffing plans
  • > Daily status reporting to the customer
  • > Economy
  • > Finishing jobs incl. final review with the client
  • > Preparation of service report, containing status / job<
  • > Commercial close-out and documentation

SEACABIN A/S complete Yard Stays according to the guidelines in our “Yard Stays concept”, which provides customers with the best possible order of tasks – no matter if the job is carried out in Denmark, Norway or the Middle East