Technical inspection on platform


Technical inspection on platform HBC

August 2017 – References for Project Management

Customer: Maersk Oil Integrity & Reliability

The Project

To ensure timely, well prepared & cost efficient refurbished or upgraded accommodations, Seacabin have prepared an overview and maintenance strategy for the next 25 years. Root cause: Maersk Oil wants to know their future maintenance costs on the North Sea accommodations, especially on building construction and furniture related to the accommodation.

We assist on

Preparation for offshore survey with summary of material drawings and information for use in the technical investigation

Technical assessment and visual inspection offshore

Creation of a report for the technical review

Creation of a 25-year strategic plan, including price estimates for replacement and renovation of individual structures, so that our customer can see the planned costs for the next 25 years

All the above must be continuously maintained and updated with a new survey. The future is that Seacabin will carry out the same project on all accommodation modules for Maersk Oil on the North Sea.

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Reference - Nor Valiant

Reference - Nor Valiant

Reference - Nor Valiant

Reference - Nor Valiant

Reference - Nor Valiant

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