Sewage grey and black water system in the North Sea

Sewage grey and black water system in the North Sea

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In cooperation, Ocean Team Scandinavia A/S & Seacabin A/S in 2019 has change grey and black sewage pipes on a local platform in the North Sea. The replacement has been made from the sewage tanks across all levels.

Project scope

Replacement of all sewage pipes throughout the accommodation area of Blücher acid resistant A316 stainless steel pipes. Inspection and cleaning hatches and installing heat tracing for all outside pipes.
Walls, ceilings etc.
has also been dismounted and refitted.

The advantages:

Replacing sewage pipes will provide an improved system. Vacuum pumps should run less and save time on system maintenance. The advantage of building it in Blücher is that it is easy to change a pipe if it stops or a leak occurs.


Sewage pipes are in the original system primarily installed with “black steel pipes” 2 inches. The pipes are temporary repaired during years to keep the system tight. This has been conducted with patch, rubber and clamps solutions.

One of the problems was that the system was installed with 90-degree bends elbow and some places with reverse slope. It has caused problems with urine stone that sticks in the tubes and prevents a normal flow. Multiple joints are beginning to tear, and the pipes “sweat” as a result of minor leakage at the system.

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